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* Fujian province is located on the southern part of Mainland China, its largest city is Fuzhou and the whole province has a population of about 34 million inhabitants. It is mostly mountainous has has a few islands on its coastal area, namely Haitan Island and Nanri Island. The distance between the continent and Taiwan is 180 km separated by the Taiwan Strait. * The major cities of fujian are Fuzhou, Xiamen (formerly know as Amoy) , Quanzhou , Zhangzhou and Putian. * The major economy of fujian is mainly in agriculture and rapidly industrialize in recent years. Rice, wheat, sugar cane etc are the main agricultural products here. * Most of the people are of Han Chinese. * Some places of interest in Fujian.- Mount Wuyi, Mount Tailao, Gulangyu Island, Kaiyuan Temple, Yongguan Temple. * area : 121, 400 square kilometres, * population : 30 million. * 9 administrative prefectures and municipalities, which are subdivided into 64 counties and cities. * Fujian is one of China's experimental zones of comprehensive reforms.
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